søndag 27. februar 2011

Food and beer !

Everyone knowes that we at Nøgne Ø have a passion for flavours.  But what is perhaps known to a lesser extent is our passion for, not only beer, but food.
Being in charge of events and dinners, I always have full focus on the perfect pairings between food and beer. These treats are perhaps the worlds best kept secrets, but I believe it is time to disclose what we do here in our brewery:

 1.  For starters we start with a starter:
Brown Ale with walnuts/grapes/pickled onions
Bitter with chorizo made from Norwegian free range mutton
Imperial Brown Ale with Norwegian aged Gouda with Dijon mustard.

2.  The main treat.
Pale Ale with juicy mustard baked super tender beef sirloin with puree of root fruits, sauted mushrooms and crispy green vegetables.

3.  The sweet finale.
Porter with Nøgne Ø's heavy signature chocolate cake. Served with fresh berries and a tangy raspberry sauce.

Life is too good to be wasted on boring food!


onsdag 23. februar 2011


Life is full of changes. Sometimes we need to choose.  Choose change.

Like with our IPAs. We have four right now. Our regular IPA, Two Captains, Citra Single Hop and #500.  As Two Captains is only around for a year, and there is soon another homebrew champion we can brew (The homebrewers championship takes place in April), sadly it needs to go.

This is of course an unfortunate thing for us. We love IPAs.
But, to our joy we were recently approached by a bar manager who wants us to make a Double Hop IPA. So we are soon back to four IPAs in our portfolio.
Double Hop IPA will be of English style, but with a bite of something American. We can promise 50 IBUs and dryhopping with Chinook.  Available on draft!

tirsdag 22. februar 2011

Norway’s largest newspaper, VG - 19.02.11


Norwegian newspaper VG concludes that Nøgne Ø Pale Ale is among the best beers to drink in front of the TV while watching sports during the Nordic world championship skiing competition event, which takes place this winter in Norway.

søndag 6. februar 2011

Nøgne Ø - this year's beer and brewery 2010 - Agderposten 05.02.11

Photo: Archive, Agderposten
Roughly 100,000 members - NORØL and NORBRYGG, for the fifth consecutive year, voted for the best beer and brewing company. Number of new Norwegian beer increased from 73 in 2009 to 81 in 2010.

Read more: http://www.agderposten.no 05.02.11
(Article i Norwegian. We recommend the Google translator)

This is the best beer - if you eat cod - Dagbladet 03.02.11

Foto: Arnie Stalheim, Dagbladet.no
Cod with liver and roe - try this beer.

Here are some recipes for dishes that match the beer:
(Articles and links are in Norwegian, we recommend the Google translator)

Skrei med lever og rogn

Stekt torsk med bønnesalat og soyasmør

Kyllinglår med smak av honning

For more information about Saison - please visit the website: 

Homebrew day 2011

For the third concecutive year we arranged a homebrew day at the brewery.  For practical reasons we had to limit the number to 60 participants.  Many were on waiting list. 

This year we brewed Pale Ale, and everybody got their own yeast strain, as ordered from Whitelabs.
Thanks to all participants for making this a great event with lots of dedicated people!  We will meet again on March 26th to taste each others beers, eat great food and have a party.
Do not forget to submit your beers for the competition.  We need to receive it by March 18th.

For next year's event (January 28, 2012) we will brew Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast (Mikkel has given us green light!).  It is more challenging than most beers, with lots of tricky grains and can easily end up in stuck mash!

For more pictures, info, please visit our event site on the web: http://www.nogne-o.com/events-and-guided-tours.html

Best regards