mandag 2. august 2010

Cigar and Nøgne Ø beers - a marvelous combination

We in the craft beer business are motivated to a great extent by the enthusiasm and love of flavours. 
When I learned about Håkon Aanonsen and his passion for cigar, I promptly suggested to meet and taste each others products. In my mind, good craft beer and good cigars are excellent company.

Kjetil P. Jikiun
Head brewer
Håkon has his own cigar factory in Dominican Republic.  His production is impressingly uncompromising in choosing the best tobacco and combining these in new and interesting ways.

We chose a wide range of beers to be tasted with cigars

Chess cigars of various types to be tasted with beer.

Pure enjoyment.  My personal favourite of the cigars tasted were a Chess Extreme robusto with aring gauge of 60!

Håkon in concentrated tasting.
Now what did we conclude with?  Pretty much that big flavours are enjoyable.  Chess Extreme and IPA/Imperial IPA or even an Imperial Stout is a pretty marvellous combination!

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