mandag 10. mars 2014

Mishaps can be a good thing

Sometimes things just doesn't go exactly as planned. 
There are so many factors that make hand crafted ales really fascinating. As when one of our brewers  pitches the wrong yeast to a batch of Tiger Tripel (brewer not mentioned by name...). 

Well, occasionally these things happen and we just have to make the best of these situations.
We soon realized that the beer would not be a Tiger Tripel as we know it, so we began brainstorming.

Pouring the whole batch out was never an option, so our creative brewers came up with a couple of ideas on how to turn this batch into a very special beer.
Several options came to the table. All from far fetched ideas like... well, let's keep those a trade secret... to more feasible ideas like adding flavoring by mixing in different berry juices to the brew.

We decided on the latter, added a good amount of blackcurrant juice to the batch and left the wort to ferment again.
In a week or so we will be ready to bottle a batch of our brand new one-off beer: Cassis Tripel! We hope you will enjoy it!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hvor vil man kunne kjøpe denne?

  2. Den skal etter planen tappes på torsdag, så får vi se hvilke kanaler vi skal distribuere den i...

  3. Mulig jeg er seint ute, men hva skjedde egentlig med denne? Kommer'n på polet?
    Eventuelt er det mulig å få smakt den i Bergen noe sted?

    1. Den kommer på polet på fredag denne uken.