tirsdag 11. mars 2014

Our barrels need care

Nøgne Ø are looking for a dedicated person to be in charge of one of the most exciting jobs in the craft beer industry!

Barrel aging beer is a fascinating craft that we wish to focus even more on at the brewery by hiring a person dedicated to our barrel aging programme.

Primarily we are looking for a person with an above average interest in craft beer and flavours. Preferably you are creative, open to many differing flavours and aromas, and have a fair knowledge of the craft beer brewing process.

As responsible for our barrel aging programme you will be in charge of, and responsible for, laying plans for barrel aging beers, organizing and evaluating the beers in the barrels, quality control, blending and bottling. You will be working independently, and the job will include a fair amount of manual labour. Furthermore, the job will involve various tasks at the brewery, such as aiding the cellar man, cleaning, labelling and helping out at the warehouse.

We prefer if you have a driver’s license class C and a permit for driving a fork lift.

Place of employment: Grimstad, Norway.
Hours: 08:00 – 16:00. Longer hours will occur when needed.
You will answer to the Production Manager.

Please contact the Production Manager Edvard Hortemo for more information: +47 924 44 886. Applications to be submitted to Edvard@nogne-o.no

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