onsdag 13. oktober 2010


I guess we all have our different ceremonies.   One of mine is to smoke good cigars in my garden during summer.
For a while now I have refused to accept that summer is over, but now I cannot deny it, and some days ago I had my last cigar.  For this season, that is.  Ahead is winter, chill, snow, darkness and hardship.

So which cigar did I choose to end the season?
A Hawk 1968 XXL Torpedo.  And what a treat! At ring gauge 68, this is among the smoothest cigars I have ever had.  Rich with vanilla, cloves and cocoa.  And a perfect draw, which is typical for any cigar made by Chess Cigar Factory
This cigar is indeed a gentle monster.  Monstrous to the eye, but gentle in any other way.
I am proud to claim that this is a Norwegian cigar!!!

Check out: http://www.sigar.com/contents/no/d89.html

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