mandag 20. desember 2010

It´s Christmas- it´s time for traditional food, but what should you drink?

In Norway there are three traditional dishes served on Christmas eve, depending on where you live. It is Pork Ribs («Ribbe»), Dried mutton ribs («Pinnekjøtt») or Cod («Torsk») served with potatoes, vegetables and maybe melted butter, sauce or bacon. 

So, what beer is good to serve with this food? It is a little different if you serve aquavit, which is traditional. Both pork ribs and dried lamb has a lot of taste and fat, and we need something that rinses your mouth. These dishes are often served with aquavit which will do this.
For Pork Ribs, we recommend Wit or Bitter if it served with Aquavit. If served without Aquavit Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Julesnadder or Saison will be good.

The dried mutton ribs can also be served with Wit or Bitter if you also serve aquavit. Without, we recommend Pale Ale or Tiger Tripel.
Cod is the most difficult here. It has a very tender and delicious taste, but Havrestout can be a good match. 
But why not add some experimentation to the Christmas table and try a sake? Nøgne Ø is also a proud brewer of five different sakes, and a Junmai-shu can be a nice pairing with your Christmas Cod. Remember to serve the sake cold!
For the dessert, if you serve «Multekrem» or cloudberry cream try the Havrestout  or Imperial stout. For the nuts and cakes, try God Jul and Underlig Jul.
If you like a cigar to finnish the meal, a #100 is a good company.
On our website we have a section about beer and food pairing, where you can find more information about how to serve our beers.

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  1. Not the pairings I would have expected, but I willingly admit that I'm horrible at pairing drink with food, so I'll trust your advice.

    If you want a real challenge though, I'd like to know what you would choose to drink with sour cream porridge ("Rømmegrøt"). I'm not sure there's anything beer-like that would suit, but it wouldn't be the first time a drink/food pairing would amaze me.

    Oh, by the by, The font in your post: Too small and in my (not so) humble opinion a sans font would be more consistent.

  2. Hi Stein- This one is difficult- but we belive that Yamahai Motoshibori eller Sunturnbrew can work with rømmegrøt, we need something that can fight the strong combination of the sour/sweet/fat in this dessert.

  3. By the way- we forgott the Rice Cream porridge/ "Risengrynsgrøt"- this is more sweet and creamy. Here we would like a Stout.