torsdag 17. mars 2011

Mixed emotions

Sometimes it is hard to analyze ones feelings.  At Nøgne Ø we feel a lot these days.  Stress, muscle ache, desperation, guilt and maybe even gratitude. 
The reason being that we have a hard time brewing enough beer.
It feels horrible to be out of certain beers.  (This time it is IPA and Brown Ale.)   We just do not have any more fermenting vessels to use, and the ones we have are fully utilized.
Outside rests 2 tanks which we have not started using.  These could be the answer to this problem, but the building we are in is too small.
Should we feel guilty for being occasionally unable to deliver beers?  In that case we would like to apologize to all our our followers and customers!
Or should we be grateful for the tremendous growth we have experienced in the Norwegian market the last year or so?  Thank you Norwegian beer drinkers for understanding and appreciating what we are doing!
Regardless of our mixed emotions, we have a message:  We promise to find a place for the two tanks.  We promise not to let you down!!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Håndtverksbrygg er svært ettertrakta for tida, det merkast svært godt her i statane. Viktigaste er å ikkje vekse raskare en at det forblir kompromisslaust på kvaliteten. =) Stolt av å ha slike bryggeri som Nøgne Ø heime i Noreg.

  2. Takk for hyggelige meldinger