mandag 22. august 2011


We all like surprises.  
It is an many ways more fun to surprise others, than being surprised, we think.  

When Ægir and Nøgne Ø planned to do a collaborative brew, we thought that making a lager beer together would probably be the best surprise.  

As we are approaching the cold and dark season we decided to go for a rich, warming, malty and chewy, DoppelBock.

The general release date is September 23rd, but some bars where Nøgne Ø and Ægir have their draft beer side by side will be offered to have a pre release on Spetember 19th, so beer drinkers can compare the two versions of this beer.

They are both brewed the same way, with the same ingredients and the same brewers, but in different breweries and with different water.  
The list of where to find "Der Kollaborator" is at this point in time undisclosed.  
Please stand by for updates!

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