søndag 18. september 2011

The Head brewers travel Report from the Czech- inspection and approval of our new bottling line.

Used the day to check out good beer places in Prague. It's cheap beer everywhere, but most are relatively meaningless lager. Why this country is known for its beer, is a mystery to me!
I was picked up in Prague by Phil Quinn from Moravek and drove to Chotebor a 2 hour drive in the direction of Brno. Chotebor can best be described as a village in the middle of an agricultural area with a population of 9000.

I had plenty of time there and got a good briefing and demonstration of our new Tribloc (Tribloc is the term for a device that contains the rinser / filler / crowner) from Ruda who is head of one of Moraveks production facilities. We have something to look forward to! This device is extremely well designed and very solid, with many smart technical solutions.
In the evening there was dinner in the city's best restaurant, with representatives from Moravek and Cheops.

The next day began with a visit to Cheops.
Both depalletizer and bottle packer was about to become ready. Again, my impression that this is really solid and almost over-engineered machines that are very well thought out with regards to construction, control and operation.

Phil and I returned later to Prague to meet Mike Moravek. (He was in the middle of commissioning a new in-line mixer / Carbonators with Pepsi. A little thing thatmixes sugar and Pepsi concentrate and water and CO2 in-line with water at room temperature. 50 000 liters per hour!)
The evening was used to search for more good beer. The result was good this time - I found a local IPA!

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  1. So will the new bottling line use a different glue? One that might make it easier to remove the labels on your bottles?

  2. Sometimes our new bottles are stored outside(because we do not have space to store them inside).  During the cold season we get lots of condense water on the bottles as they come inside and go through the bottling line.  For that reason we need adhesives which are not water soluble.
    We regret the inconvenience this causes for home brewers.