onsdag 5. desember 2012

Vidunderlig Jul- a beer «gløgg» recipe for making cold winter days warmer!

Winter has come to Grimstad. When brewers and bottling crew got up early on this third day of December, 15 cm snow had covered the southern part of Norway, turning it into a Winter Wonderland. Snow muffles all sounds and makes the darkness of the short nordic winter days go away. And when the biting cold has settled in hands and feet, a nice cup of something warming is excactly what you need. The scandinavian hot winterdrink «gløgg» is usually translated to mulled wine as it is usually made of redwine, fruit juice and spices. At Nøgne Ø, however, brewer Ingrid invented this recipe using Peculiar Yule in stead.

Sort-of-mulled Christmas Beer (or Vidunderlig Jul in norwegian)

You need:

0.5 L good quality apple juice (not too acidic, the one from Fuhr in Grimstad is excellent for this)

1 bottle (0.5 L) Peculiar Yule

1-3 table spoons blackcurrant syrup (blueberry or cherry might work too)

In a heavy based saucepan, heat the apple juice to a slight boil. Turn the heat of and gently pour in the beer, leaving the yeast in the bottle. Add blackcurrant syrup to taste, and serve in pre-heated cups. Enjoy with your favorite blanket, book, film or friend.

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