mandag 22. april 2013

Graeme Coates spends a week at Nøgne Ø!

Graeme Coates, the winner of the UK National Home-brew Competition, just spent last week with us at the brewery. We would like to thank him for his stay, and hope he had a blast.

Graeme actually worked as an assistant brewer the whole week, and it was all a part of the grand prize in the UK National home brew competition. Working at Nøgne includes loading of the mill, dumping yeast, pasteurizing sake and of course a lot of cleaning! 

Graeme is originally from the south of London, and currently lives in the Oxford countryside. The 33-year old software tester got quite a change of pace from his usual work, and we always enjoy an extra hand in the brewery. 

Mr. Coates started home brewing about 4 and a half years ago, and his goal was actually to save money. Needless to say that didn't work out very well. He is now brewing a variety of beers, and among them is the competition winner, which is a Swarch beer. He tries to make a better beer than the commercial ones, and strongly focuses on hygiene, temperature and yeast control. 

When we asked him witch of our beer he enjoyed the most, Graeme said that Tindved is definitely an interesting one, and that you can't miss the #100. We agree with you Graeme, and hope you enjoyed your stay. It was nice having you, and good luck with further brewing!

Here are some pictures!

Graeme watching the mash-in.

Important to keep the mash temperature just right.

Calaculating the amount of hops needed! The Global Pale Ale this time.

Loading the mill. 1500 kg for the IPA !

At the bridge: Thanks for your stay Graeme!

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  1. Thanks everyone - I had a great time at Nøgne Ø! I've started my own blog posts - part 1 is on my blog here: