mandag 28. april 2014

"Beer of the Year 2013": Nøgne Ø Porter

Last week we received several awards for our beers at the annual ""Beer of the Year"-awards in Norway. Our Porter was awarded Beer of the Year, and in addition both Nøgne Ø Saison and Nøgne Ø #100 won their categories.

So in addition to winning it's category (Porter/Stout), Nøgne Ø Porter also won the prestigeous Beer of the Year award.

The Beer of the Year was awarded for the third time this year, and previous years winners were Borg Bokkøl (2011) and Ægir IPA (2012).

The Nøgne Ø Porter has been in our product range for 10 years and it is needless to say that we are very proud of this award.

We would also like to congratulate Kinn Bryggeri as category winner IPA of the Year (Kinn Vestkyst), Ægir Bryggeri with their Mai Helles Bock as winner of the Light Lager/Pilsner category and Lervig Aktiebrygeri for their award in the Dark Lager/Bock category with their 10 year Anniversary brew.

The awards are presented by Apéritif, Ølakademiet, Norbrygg og Ølportalen.

Snorre Q.Leikanger and Ingebørg Christina Nybø with the awards. Photo:

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