lørdag 1. september 2012

Harvesting hops

The majority of our hops is purchased through Charles Faram in England. We have a great cooperation with them.They are able to source almost every hop we require.
But buying hops through a hop merchant is a bit like purchasing food at the supermarket.  You get everything you need and it is all fresh and in good condition, but it does not connect you with the producer and the area where it originates.

That is why we have elected to buy our Styrian hop varieties directly from a farmer.  Recently we had the privilege to take part in harvesting hops with the Bosnar family in Gotevlje, near Celje in Slovenia. 

The smell of fresh hops was overwhelming during the harvesting.  In a wonderful way. Helping out removing leaves from the piles of hop cones as they came out from the picking machine, the hands got sticky with oils and resins from the hops.  It was almost overwhelming.

We think that every brewer and beer enthusiast should experience this. At least once. Because beer is not a product or a commodity. It is a result of dedication and love. 
And it all starts with the growing of the hops and barley. We should appreciate how it is all grown and experience what is behind an “ingredient”.

A great thanks to the Bosnar family for being so accommodating!  We look forward to being back next year.     

See more pictures from the harvesting here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sd21t2dgb8vzrtd/ubiMD5Uvbi/Hops%20harvest

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