mandag 27. februar 2012

Imperial Brown Ale batch #768

When brewing Imperial Brown Ale batch #768, we tampered with the hop part of the recipe:
Chinook and E.K.Golding had to exit, to make room for Aurora and Bobek.  There is no reason to be alarmed, as the late addition of Columbus is still very much part of this beer.  Slovenian hops rule!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Did you change anything with batch #716 too?

    IPA from this batch is just unbelievable great. Thanks!

  2. It´s no change there! Thank´s for your comment!

  3. I'm planning an (I)PA with mainly Aurora hops. You using them gives me confidence that they are good :)

  4. Is this a permanent change?
    I want to compare it to one of the IBAs of the old recipe, but it's not exactly easy to order a certain batch from the restrictive Vinmonopolet...
    A funny note though, I turned a couple of bottles at Vinmonopolet to see if I could find the new batch - no luck. Then, when I returned some days later, someone else had turned around all of the bottles. I bet the employees at Vinmonopolet were scratching their heads in wonder 'cause of these similar and sudden bottle turning events. Beer geeks ftw.